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As we giggle over this photo of Jeremy Shockey โ€” honestly, all this picture needs is that sad "Peanuts" music playing in the background, like on that episode of "Arrested Development" โ€” we thought we'd look at our panel of "experts" did in their wild-card weekend picks. Needless to say, when we said that our personal picks were "almost always wrong," man, we weren't kidding. A look at the records:

โ€ข Daily Quickie's Instant Histrionics: 4-0.
โ€ข NFL Spam: 4-0.
โ€ข Onside Kicks: 4-0.
โ€ข Peter King: 3-1.
โ€ข Paul Zimmerman: 3-1.
โ€ข Harmon Forecast: 3-1.
โ€ข Bill Simmons: 2-2.
โ€ข Deadspin: 1-3.

We would have loved to include our friends at Football Outsiders in the action, but for some reason, they refuse to make predictions. What's the fun in that?

Oh, and we promise to do better next week. 1-3. Sheesh.