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Ah, Jake Plummer. Whether it's the mustache, the tendency to occassionally throw the ball with his left hand or his odd or his admirable but oddly hesistant anti-war views, you can always count on Jake Plummer to entertain. This week: A feud with a local columnist over his cheerleader girlfriend.


Last week, Rocky Mountain News columnist Penny Parker — not a damsel in a comic book, by the way — wrote a piece about Kollette Klassen, Plummer's new girlfriend and Broncos cheerleader. Plummer flipped out about it and called Parker to complain, saying that he feared Klassen would be harrassed by Broncos fans. Then Plummer, as he tends to do while scrambling, made a bad situation worse by saying, "You think Denver has the greatest fans? Well, they aren't."

Well, Coloradoans tend to not like that, and Plummer apologized yesterday, saying he was just trying to protect his professional cheerleader girlfriend from the public eye. Now, if we can just get him to bring back the mustache, all will be well again.

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