PNC Park Rings With Ric Flair "WOOO"s As Pirates Fans Liven Up Game With Impromptu Nature Boy Calls

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WOOO - Sep 5, 2012 12_33 PM

If you were watching last night's rain-delayed Astros-Pirates game from Pittsburgh, you may have noticed an odd series of noises coming from the crowd during the middle innings. Pirates broadcaster Root Sports certainly did, and it took them awhile to actually identify what was going on. Reader Andrew fills us in:

Starting in the 4th inning, one of my friends from my hometown started yelling "wooooooo" Ric Flair style. People picked up on it and it continued the rest of the game. It was a rain delayed game, so barely anyone was there so the woos are easily heard on TV. I've never seen a baseball game with 5 innings of continuous Ric Flair wooing in my life. The announcers picked up on it quick, with Bob Walk dubbing it the "Night of the Woo".

PNC Park is already one of baseball's best stadiums, though the probability for aural abuse is probably not taken into consideration by those surveys. Still, if it keeps people awake during a late-season Astros-Pirates game.. we'll take it. [Root]