Poise To Men

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Mark Sanchez went 12-for-15 and threw for 182 yards in his first playoff victory, and because at no point during the game did he chuck the ball into the Ohio or crap himself, he was deemed a model of poise.



Joe Reedy, Cincinnati Enquirer: "... showed poise ..."

Michael Cohen, Bleacher Report: "... showed great poise ..."

Matt Williamson, Scouts Inc./ESPN: "... showed a ton of poise ..."

Dennis Waszak Jr., Associated Press: "... showing plenty of poise ..."

Jarrett Bell, USA Today: "... exhibited much poise ..."

Norv Turner, via Kristian Dyer, Metro: "... playing with great poise"

Derek Harper, The Sports Xchange/USA Today: "... played efficiently and with poise ..."


Jason Owens, San Diego News Network: "... poised enough to keep the game under control ..."

Sean Leahy, USA Today: "... the poise of rookie QB Mark Sanchez ..."

Mike Vaccaro, New York Post: "... a poise beyond his years ..."

All of which may be so, but on Sunday against the Chargers, Sanchez faces his counterpart in poise, a man whom San Diego's general manager characterizes as "poised" and in whom he sees "a poise and calmness," the poised leader of a team lousy with poise. That man? Norv Turner.


Photo via GQ