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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Police: Brawling, Hospitalized Cowboys And Eagles Fans Are Brothers (UPDATE)

In the video above (via The Big Lead), you can see a pretty good right hook from a Cowboys fan take down an Eagles fan at last night’s game in Dallas. Just another example in a long list of football fans exhibiting uncivilized behavior and beating the shit out of each other at a game, right?


Well, sure. But it’s also an example of fratricide!

According to TMZ, the guy the swinging Cowboys fan, Jorge Castillo, took down was his brother, Ignacio Castillo. Jorge was arrested for misdemeanor assault with bodily injury, and while Ignacio is “laid up” in a hospital, he will soon be arrested because he allegedly spit blood on a cop. Just for good measure, a third Castillo brother seemingly uninvolved in the fight, Jose, was also arrested for disobeying the cops.


The full TMZ story is hilarious for its details, as well as it’s TMZness, and I highly encourage you to read it. It includes the “fun fact” that the two other fights at the stadium ending in arrest also involved relatives, as well as my new favorite hashtag, #WeAreFamily.

Update (12:58 a.m.): Reader Scott, who was seated a few rows behind the brothers, has written in with some new information. He notes that Jorge Castillo is an Eagles, not a Cowboys fan, and was wearing an Eagles jersey under his blue jacket. He says all three Castillo brothers were cheering for the Eagles and talking (good-natured) trash with the Cowboys fans around them. Here’s what he says led up to the punch in the video above:

The larger one was drunk and beginning to cause a scene. The lady in black is stadium security. She is trying to remove the large guy. He was having none of it. The two brothers were trying to reason with him. Large drunk guy just got more upset and combative and began yelling in faces. Finally one of the younger brothers punches him just as the cops were walking up. He quickly gets cuffed up. Eventually all 3 brothers are arrested.

He also sent along a link to an extended video of the confrontation that he shot. You can see the the two brothers arguing before the punch, as well as them struggling with the cops once they arrived.



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