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During a NYCFC home game at Yankee Stadium on Saturday last weekend, NYPD officers were recorded arresting two fans who had reportedly been involved in a fight, turning a stun gun on one. Here are two videos depicting the stun gun’s use and the aftermath:


NYPD and a private firm called Securitas provide security at all NYCFC games.

There aren’t many details about exactly what happened, but Gothamist found a couple Reddit users who claim to have been in attendance. Here’s one’s description of events:

I was at the game. Two guys were getting into a fight and there were about a dozen idiots running their mouths. The police ran in to break up the fight and the crowd forming around it. The guy had it coming. The best part was when this one idiot was trying to run over to the fight and yelling at the police. After being told 3-4 times to back away and the guy not listening, the officer took out his baton. That got the guy backing up real quick.


NYCFC’s official fan group released a statement addressed to the team’s ownership group demanding better treatment for their boisterous but largely non-violent fans. Here’s one quote from the statement:

We are in our first season and we’re fired up about this club and the possibilities that lie ahead. We demand assurance that we are valued beyond our ticket revenue. We demand properly trained stadium staff. We demand proper and ethical treatment from NYPD. Without those things this relationship is irreparably damaged.

Hm. So I guess there are lots of reasons not to go to MLS games.


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