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Police Question Johnny Manziel And Girlfriend After Roadside Argument

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Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend Colleen Crowley were interviewed by Avon, Ohio, police Monday night after multiple people called 911 reporting they saw a couple fighting in a car.


During their interviews, both Manziel and Crowley admitted to drinking earlier in the evening, but neither was administered a breathalyzer or charged with any crimes before police allowed them to leave, according to a police report released today. The report was first obtained by

On Monday, officers responded after getting a call reporting a “reckless white Nissan traveling at a high rate of speed,” according to the investigative report. While on the way, police got a second call reporting a Nissan had stopped across the street from a man’s home, and the people inside were arguing. The first officer arrived and found a white Nissan GTR pulled over on a gravel driveway and two women and a man standing outside, according to the report. Manziel told the officer that he and Crowley had been coming back from downtown Cleveland and had been arguing, the report said. Manziel said Crowley wasn’t hurt. The officer went to check on her.

Crowley told the officer she was okay. The other woman there, Lauren Clarke, said she was a witness and “would be standing by in her black SUV to speak to an officer.” Another person showed up: Browns linebacker Paul Kruger, who lived in the area. (Police refer to him as a coworker.) The officer told Kruger to go back to his car. According to the report, “upon seeing Mr. Kruger, Ms. Crowley became more upset, stating, ‘he doesn’t need to be here!’”

Mr. Kruger, who was now speaking with Mr. Manziel, was advised that he needed to return to his vehicle, so that writer could speak to all parties involved. He was later asked and advised that he did not witness anything that occurred, but was just driving from his residence to Pettitis Garden Center when he saw Mr. Manziel’s vehicle with his wife.

A second law enforcement officers arrived and talked to Manziel. Here’s what Manziel told that officer, according to the report:

.... Mr. Manziel advised that he and Ms. Crowley were in downtown Cleveland drinking earlier in the day, around 2 o’clock, and had plans to go see a movie together. When he decided he wanted to go pick up a friend also, this upset Ms. Crowley. At this point, Mr. Manziel explained his relationship to Ms. Crowley. He advised that they were dating and have been living together for the past two months, but have no children.

Upset with the change in plans, Ms. Crowley wanted to head back to Avon. Mr. Manziel stated that he began heading home and while on IR 90, he had Ms. Crowley’s cell phone on his lap and was using it to control the music. During the ride, Ms. Crowley began accusing him of “driving bad”. He then stated that Ms. Crowley grabbed his wallet, which was in the center divider and threw it out of the window. Mr. Manziel then stopped his vehicle and turned around in order to look for the wallet. After parking, he stated that “She did try to get out of the car.” He then admitted to “trying to grab her arm to keep her from ‘riding’ out of the car”. He was asked if at any point there was any striking, punching or pulling of hair, in which Mr. Manziel responded, “NO.”

While speaking with Mr. Manziel, writer smelled the slight odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person. Writer looked for but did not observe any signs of impairment to include; slurred speech, glassy bloodshot eyes, difficulty multitasking or trouble keeping his equilibrium. It was writer’s opinion that Mr. Manziel was not intoxicated and that he had consumed only two alcoholic drinks several hours prior.


The report did not say if any impairment tests were given to Manziel.

The initial officer who responded to the scene talked to Crowley. The report described what she told the officer:

Ms. Crowley was instructed to get out of the road and to walk back to writer’s patrol vehicle. Ms. Crowley was led to the side of the road and declined to have a seat in writer’s patrol vehicle. Here writer observed that Ms.Crowley did have blood shot eyes, slurred speech and was having difficulty focusing on what was asked of her by officers. It was officers opinion that Ms. Crowley was intoxicated, confirmed by her later statement that she had consumed at least “3 Crown and Cokes”. At this point, writer observed a small fresh abrasion to Ms. Crowley’s left arm. The mark was on the top side of her wrist and appeared to be a friction burn with no blood seen. Ms. Crowley then began asking for her purse and cell phone.

As officers asked Mr. Manziel for Ms. Crowley’s effects, she began walking towards officers stating, “I didn’t do shit and fuck this!” Ms. Crowley began walking on the side of the road, stating “I didn’t do anything wrong and my dad’s a lawyer.” Ms. Crowley continued to mumble under her breath,swearing and was ordered to have a seat in writer’s patrol vehicle or she would be arrested for disorderly conduct. Writer then tried to speak with Ms. Crowley but she continued to have difficulty in focusing and exhibited mood swings; ranging from argumentative to cooperative.

During the on scene interview, Ms. Crowley confirmed that she and Mr. Manziel stay together. The living arrangements were further expanded upon when she advised that she still resides in Texas and attends TCU. She has only been staying with Mr. Manziel for the past two months, before heading back to TCU for her senior year.

The argument in Avon progressed when she asked for her cell phone and when Mr. Manziel wouldn’t give it back to her, she threw his wallet out of the window. She stated she wanted her cell phone back so that she could call her parents for help. When asked to clarify what type of help, she stated to get her back to Texas.

During the ride back, she did state that Mr. Manziel pushed her head against the glass of the car 5 minutes prior to getting into Avon and in an interview with Ptl. Layne she stated that Mr. Manziel did hit her a couple times in the car. Ms. Crowley was asked if she was fearful of Mr. Manziel’s actions and did she think he could cause her physical harm. Ms. Crowley responded “no he was fine”.

It should be noted that no other signs of physical injury, beside the left wrist area, were noticed on Ms. Crowley. She was adamant that she did not want to pursue charges or want anything ‘pressed’. She kept stating that she just wanted her phone and to return to Texas.


Police also talked to witnesses. Clarke said she was driving when she saw the Nissan pulled over. When she got closer, she saw a woman trying to get out with “the driver pulling on her wrist,” the report said. Clarke pulled over and called 911. She said Crowley then got out of car and approached her, seeming “intoxicated” and “upset,” according to the report.

She was told that she (Ms. Crowley) had thrown his wallet out and also stated that he (Mr. Manziel) was beating her. Ms. Clarke was asked if she observed any of the contact, in which she advised “only the pulling on her wrist.” Ms. Crowley further advised Ms. Clarke that she just wanted to get her stuff and leave.


Soon after this, the first officer showed up, Clarke said, ending her interaction with Crowley.

Police also spoke with the first person to call police, Jackie Clark, although this interview was done after they allowed Crowley and Manziel to leave the scene. Clark told police she was driving on westbound Interstate 90, when a white Nissan passed her at what looked to her like 90 mph. As they got into Avon, the Nissan cut over several lanes and began to exit at Nagel Road.

As Ms. Clark was passing the slowing Nissan, she observed what appeared to be a white female passenger trying to open her door, with the white male driver holding her back. She described it appeared the driver’s arm and elbow were around the neck of the female, pulling her inside the car. Ms. Clark was asked if she viewed the actions as aggressive by the male in attempts to harm the female or if they were actions used to keep the occupant from exiting a moving car. Ms. Clark was not sure, but did state the male’s actions kept the female from exiting the moving car.


Ultimately, police allowed both Crowley and Manziel to leave without making any arrests. Their explanation:

It is believed that the friction burn caused to Ms. Crowley’s left wrist was from the actions of Mr. Manziel grabbing it to keep Ms. Crowley in the car. The intent of these actions is unknown; whether it was to knowingly cause physical harm to her or if it was from Mr. Manziel trying to keep Ms. Crowley safe from exiting the vehicle. No primary physical aggressor can be determined. Based upon the statements of Mr. Manziel and Ms. Crowley, their relationship status, the lack of physical evidence;with the exception to Ms. Crowley’s left wrist, Ms. Crowley’s level of intoxication, the inconsistencies of Ms. Crowley’s statements ranging from whether Mr. Manziel was physically abusive towards her or not, and neither party wishing to pursue charges, no arrest was made.


After the police report became public, Crowley spoke out on Instagram:


The Browns released a statement and added that Manziel would be active for Sunday’s game:


Manziel was released from rehab in April. What exactly he sought treatment for wasn’t reported, but ESPN reported that the “facility that treated him specializes in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.”

The full police report is below.

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