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Police Release Initial Report Of LSU Bar Fight, Jordan Jefferson Figures Prominently

Baton Rouge police have published the initial incident report from the officer responding to Friday morning's parking lot brawl. You can read the entire thing below. It contains the statements of the 21-year-old Marine who was bloodied and bruised, as well as a female witness who appears to corroborate the story that's been circulating online.


The most noteworthy piece of new information is that Jordan Jefferson and Josh Johns were the only two LSU players named at the scene, but "10-15" men took part in the assault, some of them wearing "official LSU football shirts."

Andrew Lowery's account, given slightly more than an hour after the fight, was that he witnessed the group pull a man out of his pickup truck. (The other witness says the man had yelled at the group that was blocking him in with their vehicle, a Chevy Monte Carlo.) Lowery states that he "intervened and managed to pull the victim away from the crowd, putting him back in his truck. The victim reportedly yelled that he had a gun before driving off. As of this incident report, that initial victim has not been located.

Lowery says the group then set upon him, kicking and punching him. He told Officer Strong that he believed Jordan Jefferson and Josh Johns were among the group, though it's unclear if he recognized them before the assault or was told about it between the fight and giving his statement to police. (The female witness said she "knows for certain" it was Jordan Jefferson kicking Lowery in the face.)

This incident report contains no shocking new revelations, nor the results of almost a week of investigation. (Police seized 49 pairs of shoes from Jefferson's home today, seeking one that would match a print left on Lowery's shirt.) This isn't evidence of guilt; it's just one side of the story. We're eagerly awaiting the chance to hear the other.


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