Cops and prosecutors remain tight-lipped, but more details have emerged concerning the sexual assault allegations lodged against Blackhawks star Patrick Kane following an alleged incident over the weekend.

It’s still not entirely clear where Kane met the alleged victim. The Chicago Sun-Times and WKBW-TV both report that the two may have met at a beach bar in Evans, N.Y. The station called Mickey Rat’s Beach Club, which we’ve been told is a semi-regular hangout of Kane’s, but the manager said that he didn’t recall seeing Kane there on Saturday night.

The Buffalo News, which first reported the investigation, pegs a different bar.

A young local woman has alleged that Kane, 26, took her to his Hamburg waterfront home and raped her after meeting her in a downtown Buffalo nightclub Saturday night or early Sunday.

We’re told that was Sky Bar, a Buffalo rooftop club frequented by Kane. Social media puts him there into early Sunday morning.

A photo of Kane with the bar’s managers was posted to Sky Bar’s Facebook page on Monday. By yesterday morning, when rumors had begun to circulate, the bar had deleted the photo.

(This coming weekend was to be Kane’s turn with the Stanley Cup.)

The Buffalo News reports that the alleged victim went to the hospital where she was examined, and a rape kit performed. Later that Sunday, neighbors told the Chicago Tribune, police arrived to search Kane’s Hamburg, N.Y., home.

[T]hree unmarked police cars descended upon Kane’s Hamburg home Sunday, and several plainclothes officers entered his house using flashlights. At least one officer wore gloves and could be seen taking pictures in the front, said one witness, who asked not to be named.

No charges have been filed as the investigation continues. But the News has learned that the prosecutor assigned to the case heads the Erie County D.A.’s Special Victims Unit, which pursues sexual assault cases.