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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Polish Riot Police Vs. Croatian Hooligans—Who Ya Got?

We knew Polish police came prepared for Euro 2012, pants-pissing sound cannons and all. And we expected Eastern European fans to make trouble, because that's what they do. (UEFA has already opened an investigation into racist abuse from Russian fans.) But it turns out our first battle in the streets came at the hands of Croatian hooligans.


This video, taken yesterday before Croatia's 3-1 win over Ireland, shows a routine arrest in Poznan's Old Town turning into a pitched battle between police and Croatian fans trying to free their arrested friend. He does get away in the chaos, so we'll never know how many Poles it takes to arrest one man. The real hero is the Irish fan who steps into the middle and appeals for peace. At least until the first explosive goes off, and he takes up a safer spot.

h/t Adam