Pols, Press Thought Winston State Atty Presser Was A Barrel Of Laughs

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Once word leaked Florida State quarterback and Heisman favorite Jameis Winston wouldn't be charged with rape, today's televised press conference with state attorney Willie Meggs didn't seem to have much purpose. The Seminole alum-turned-prosecutor decided, then, to turn it into his own amateur hour at the Improv.


That he had a willing audience of journalists laughing along with him—and, inexplicably, a former state senator (now lobbyist) named Al Lawson prompting the guffaws—is equally, if not more, offensive. Twitter certainly took notice of the lighthearted approach to a rape case, with observers from Samantha Ponder to Luther Campbell taking umbrage at the jokes. We'd like you to focus on one part, though: at the 18-second mark, one perturbed female journalist utters a loud "COME ON." If only someone else had spoken up, or asked Meggs why a rape investigation is ever a laughing matter. [ESPNU]

Update (3:36 p.m.): Things did not go much better, but for a much stupider reason, at the presser with Winston's attorney Tim Jansen: