"Poo Jogger" Caught In The Act

It’s a story as old as time: A man was taking poops where he wasn’t supposed to, and his neighbors have caught him in an elaborate sting operation by hiding in the bushes with a camera.


The alleged pooper in question is Brisbane resident Andrew Douglas Macintosh, who is a national quality manager at a big-time Australian retirement village company and also a member of a Brisbane City Council board. Neighbors in his Greenslopes neighborhood recently noticed a flurry of public poops on sidewalks and other street-adjacent areas near their homes. One resident, Steve Smith, says his place was “getting hit frequently,” and it seemed that the regularity of the poops as well as the presence of toilet paper indicated a high likelihood of premeditation. So he did what any one of us would have done, and hatched a complicated plan to catch the Mad Pooper copycat in his tracks.

Smith eventually figured out Macintosh’s running route—presumably by tacking up and studying a map of the poops—and favorite times to go for a jog, and after following him a few times and waiting in nearby bushes with a camera, he finally caught him in the act. Toiler paper in hand, Macintosh seems to have taken his blown cover in stride:

Mr. Smith expected to be “met with abuse” but instead the man gave a “friendly” hello before continuing on his way.

“It was very strange,” he said.

Macintosh was charged with one count of “public nuisance,” though neighbors say he’s strewn approximately 30 turds around the neighborhood. Judging from Smith’s photo, he seems to have enjoyed his time decorating the neighborhood.

If you’d like to see the, uh, full version of the above photo, have at it.