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Poor Chris Bosh Had To Take Two Showers After Last Night's Game

Game 1 of the NBA finals was hot and miserable for everyone involved, and some of the players continued to be hot and miserable even after the game was over. One of those poor souls was Chris Bosh.


Here's a little bit from Brian Windhorst's story on Game 1 that made me chuckle:

Bosh needed two showers after the game. He sweated so profusely after speaking to the media in the sweltering Heat locker room that his first one had been rendered useless. By midnight, though, cool air was coursing through the building, leading to mentions of conspiracy that were only half in jest.

Anyone who's ever had to take the subway to work in the middle of the summer knows what a shitty feeling it is to have sweated through a nice dress shirt less than an hour after showering. We feel for you, Chris.


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