Poor Lady Chiefs Fan Caught With Her Boobs Out After Post-Playoff Pity Hump (NSFW) (UPDATE)

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Here we have a woman: knit-capped, pendulous breasts exposed, bluejeans in mid-yank, in plaintive conversation with a man: Tamba jersey'd, hunter's jumpsuit, dejected due to inebriation or underwhelming sexual performance atop the hood of a Murano.

And why are her winter gloves tossed across the windshield? There are so many questions about what happened this chilly Sunday afternoon outside of Arrowhead stadium which will never be answered. Unless someone else in attendance at the Chiefs/Ravens playoff game witnessed this couple boinking away their playoff letdown in public, we'll probably never know. I wonder if the vehicle belonged to a Ravens fan? If so, Eagles fans should take note, as leaving a trail of sex sludge on visiting fans' vehicles is much more creative than typical drunken vandalism.


UPDATE: One of the individuals in this photo contacted us about their unwanted fame. This is a married couple. They don't remember a single thing after halftime, they said. But their heads, per their request, have been removed until this dies down a bit in the next couple days.


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