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Poor Shaq Is Just There To Get Laughed At Now

Screenshot: TNT

The recurring theme of this latest iteration of TNT’s Inside The NBA concerns Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley’s friendly rivalry occasionally transforming into real enmity. If last night’s edition of Shaq vs. Chuck is any indication, though, the storyline may be done and dusted.

Things started to get heated when Shaq got mad at Chuck for taking up too much of the allotted three minutes the panel was given to discuss the Nuggets-Blazers series. As is usually the case, it took the other panelists some time to catch up to the fact that Shaq was actually kind of upset, but instead of meeting his anger head on, Chuck and the others just spent a few minutes laughing in Shaq’s face.


Poor Shaq! The whole “being mad” routine only works for him if Chuck is willing to engage, but last night he got hung out to dry. Though there is something oddly soothing about the sound of Shaq’s grumpy droning backed by semi-hysterical giggling. Maybe Inside The NBA should just pivot to ASMR.

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