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Two Drexel players, Jamie Harris and Kevin Phillip, turned themselves in to Philadelphia police today and now face armed robbery charges after their attempt to "score a big stash of cash" from a female Drexel student's apartment last Wednesday.

Harris and Phillip, with the help of Devon Bond, another Drexel student, allegedly entered the woman's apartment brandishing handguns. According to police, they forced Bond to the ground along with the woman, trying to make it appear as if Bond was being robbed as well. Says

One of the Drexel basketball players began pointing at the woman's bed and ordering her to hand over cash, Walker said. She stammered that she didn't have any.

The robbers grabbed her iPhone and warned the woman that they would return if they found out that she had been lying about the money, Walker said.

Bond got off the floor, eyeballed the woman for a moment, and took off, Walker said. Police later tracked him down and pieced together the story behind the ham-fisted robbery.


How were the police able to crack this case? Surveillance footage showed Bond milling about outside the apartment and putting paper between the door's lock while entering.

Dragons head coach Bruiser Flint was unaware of the situation when asked for comment, which is odd considering he's a guy in Philly that goes by Bruiser. Warrants were issued Saturday because police feared—unnecessarily it turns out—that Harris and Phillip had fled to New York.

Now they're in police custody and Binghamton has some competition in the race to a "lack of institutional control" ruling from the NCAA.

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