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Possibly Suicidal Pigeon Refuses To Leave Field During Chiefs-Raiders Game

We don't know really know what the hell is going on with this pigeon, which crashed Sunday's Chiefs-Raiders game by landing right in the middle of the action and absolutely refusing to give a shit about the 22 large men that were stomping around it. Maybe the pigeon was sick and disoriented, or wounded and unable to fly away? Or perhaps it had simply grown tired of its mortal coil, and was seeking a glorious Viking death among the warriors of the gridiron.

Regardless of its motivations for being there, the pigeon put on a captivating show. It comes inches away from getting stepped on a handful of times, plants itself right on the line of scrimmage at the the 2:10 mark, and charges directly into the scrum of players trying to leave the field at halftime at the 5:34 mark. Eventually, the pigeon is captured and put into a bucket by two members of the grounds crew. We assume that it is currently waddling through a buffalo stampede.

via Shutdown Corner

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