Anyone who plays a sport at any level usually has the fire of a competitive spirit constantly burning inside of them. Sometimes it can be used as motivation to propel you to victory, other times it can manifest itself into a type of anger that causes you to headbutt another person through a window. Here, at this golf club championship in South Africa, we have the latter.

There aren‚Äôt many details beyond what this Twitter user posted and what happened said in the video. But I have so many questions. Was anyone else mad at Mike for being a cheat? How close was the supposed game that set this whole thing off? Why is the accuser in flip flops? How angry of a guy is Mike that this is his reaction to someone calling him a ‚Äúcheat?‚ÄĚ Has this happened to Mike before? Who the hell starts a fight with a headbutt?

Unsurprisingly, the golf club where this showdown took place has since apologized for the incident on Facebook‚ÄĒlikely due to the video going somewhat viral, and the whole ‚Äúheadbutting a guy through a window‚ÄĚ thing.


[h/t David]

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