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Potholes Win The Weekend

In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like NASCAR drivers who now know how the rest of the world lives. Except we don't get to take off work because of bad roads.

Oh, they thought the little divot on the Daytona track was bad? Trying navigating the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway or the California 101 everyday. Those aren't red flags that have brought traffic to a standstill. It's a three-car pileup because some idiot left a broken washing machine in the passing lane. Dealing with bent axles and flat tires caused by unpassable roadways is what unites us as Americans—and makes us so goddamn angry all the time. It's about time those glorified chauffeurs got a taste of our medicine.


No more stopping of auto races for cracks in the asphalt. I say make stock car driving more like real driving. Construction zones. Old dudes in Buicks doing 45 in the left lane. A-holes on cellphones who don't use their turn signals and have no clue that anyone behind might be trying to get somewhere....GET OUT OF THE WAY, MORON! That's the real Great American Race.

And don't get me started on these lady drivers, amiright?

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