Prayer Is The Only Thing That Can Save The Ryan Hall Documentary

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The 41st Day, filmmaker Tim Jeffreys' documentary chronicling U.S. marathoner Ryan Hall's late, great career, updated its Kickstarter page today. More than two years after it exceeded its fundraising goal and collected more than $57,000, the film is not yet finished. And no, there is no end in sight.

"We're still filming," Jeffreys wrote, "and we'll continue filming until the story concludes. It hasn't concluded yet



What that conclusion will be is anyone's guess. Jeffreys hitched his fortune to Hall just before America's number one marathoner began a slow circle around the toilet. Originally set to document Hall's journey to the 2012 Olympics, he then dropped out of the Olympic Marathon with an injury, withdrew from his next three marathons over the next year and a half, and limped across the 2014 Boston Marathon in 20th place. There is no ending because nothing has gone right from the project's start.

But Hall's fans can excuse his bad luck. What they can't excuse is feeling like they were bilked by Jeffreys, who has been mum on the film's lack of progress until today.


"I would ask for an update but that clearly seems to much effort from some one who has pocketed over $50,000 from the good will people backing a project in the name of one of their idols," said one in the Kickstarter comments. "I hope I'm proven wrong someday by a surprise delivery, but it would appear Mr. Jeffreys has left the reservation," said another.

"I sincerely apologize for my lack of transparency the past few months," Jeffreys wrote in his update today, promising to get everyone their promised goodies sans the documentary. Because the documentary is still being filmed.

There is no end in sight for The 41st Day as its supporters continue to lose their faith. The only thing they can do now is pray.

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