Prep School Coach Doesn't Regret Saying "I'm Gonna Fuck You In Your Ass" To Player He Called "Retarded"

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An audio recording began making its way around the internet yesterday, which purported to be a conversation between Mike Woodbury, who runs a private school called Nation Christian Academy in Florida, and a former basketball player at the school named Marvens Petion.

Stadium was able to get in touch with Woodbury and Petion, and confirmed that the audio clip was in fact part of a conversation the two had after Petion asked to transfer to another school. In the clip, Woodbury threatens to send Petion back to his native home of Haiti, calls Petion “retarded,” says, “I’m gonna fuck you in your ass the next time you talk out of line,” and threatens to “take everything” from Petion.


Woodbury was asked by Stadium reporter Jeff Goodman if he regretted the conversation. He doesn’t:

“No. fuck, no,” Woodbury said when asked by Stadium if he had any regrets about the interaction. “Yes and no. I regret the fact I tried to be a father figure. It hurts my heart.”


Woodbury went on to tell Stadium that Petion had been guilty of having alcohol in his room, skipping classes, theft, and trying to extort school administrators. Petion denied all those allegations when reached for comment by Stadium, and only asked for a transfer after discovering a “damaging conversation” between Woodbury and an unnamed woman. He claimed that Woodbury had a history of abusive behavior:

“That’s not the first time he threatened to send me back to Haiti,” Petion said. “He did that in a game when I wasn’t playing well. He told me he was going to cancel my visa in the middle of the game. What kind of person does that?”

“He never put his hands on me, but he said some crazy stuff to me and my teammates,” he added.


Petion successfully transferred to West Oaks Academy, and says he is currently being recruited by a handful of mid-major college programs.