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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Prepare Thyself For Impending Debut Of Barbaro's Brother. Oy

Illustration for article titled Prepare Thyself For Impending Debut Of Barbaros Brother. Oy

Just because you have a famous brother doesn't mean that you will approach the heights of greatness yourself, as anyone who has seen a Daniel Baldwin movie will readily attest. We've previously written about Barbaro's younger brother, of course, but now the horse — named Nicanor — is ready to make his racing debut. And the best part is that nobody has the faintest clue as to if he's any good. Hmm; I feel a poem coming on ...

There are some hints, though. He appears to be athletic, is put together well and has a good disposition. He also seems curious and intelligent. Like Barbaro, he has a habit of taking in the scenery when he goes to the track in the mornings. He will peer at his surroundings before he tells his exercise rider that he is ready to go.


As the Times article states, the odds of Nicanor being good enough to win the Kentucky Derby like his older brother are astronomical. But it doesn't matter. All that stupid horse has to do is sprain an ankle, and we'll all be deluged with horse poetry for the remainder of the century.

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