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There are so many delightful passages in the latest BallHype Spotlight Series, Volume 2: Bibilotech essay that it's hard to know where to begin. Just the notion of Bill Walton reviewing Will's book, God Save the Fan, is amusing enough. But then you get to the Deadspin Pyramid of Success, and you begin to believe that all things are possible in this world, and that your life may be changed forever.

One of my favorite parts in Walton's "review":

However, Leitch's book also brings to light the most despicable thing I have heard in a decade: The firing of my close friend Harold Reynolds for alleged sexual harassment. I have not seen Harold at the daily chess club in ESPN's Bristol cafeteria in about a year, but I had NO IDEA he'd been fired. This is terrible, easily the most nefarious thing I have ever heard. Harold is a gentle, compassionate man filled with the noble qualities you'd hope to instill in your son or pet chinchilla.


Side note: I know that photo of Walton reading is Photoshopped, because the actual book is much thicker. I have a copy right here on my desk, lovingly signed by Will himself. See below.

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