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President Bush's One Night Away From It All

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President Bush is never more likable, engaging or, frankly, informed as he is when he's talking about baseball. He lights up, displaying a breadth of knowledge that, uh, we never sense when he's discussing the Al-Anbar Province. He threw out the first pitch at the new Nationals Stadium last night and was, predictably, booed. We almost — almost — felt bad for him.


We're not going to get too much into politics here, swear, but honestly, has a guy ever looked more sick of being President than Bush does? Ordinarily, when the President throws out the first pitch on Opening Day, he'll pop by the booth to chat with the broadcasters for half an inning before being shuffled off to handle, you know, matters of the national interest. Bush talked to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan for an inning-and-a-half last night. And he didn't look like he was in any particular hurry to leave after that either.

It kind of creeped us out, actually, that Dubya was so well-versed in the world of baseball; he even knew that Jeff Francoeur had been hit in the face with a pitch in spring training. As cool as we might think it is for our President to love the great game so much, we're still not sure we feel comfortable with the commander-in-chief having that much free time.

The saddest part, really, was when Miller asked President Bush about steroids. The Prez sighed deeply. He knew this question was coming, but dammit, why does everyone have to be so negative all the time? I'm at the ballgame, people. Leave me be. President Bush didn't want to talk about policy, or being President; he wanted to talk about baseball. This makes him a pretty cool guy ... and it makes us extremely happy we only have 10 months until he's no longer President.