President Obama Notes That The Warriors Blew A 3-1 Lead In The Finals

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In these, the precious final days before the title of Leader of the Free World is officially handed over to an unhinged megalomaniacal trash TV star, it is important to treasure the relatively good times we have today. To help us at least temporarily forget about this lost world we find ourselves in, take in President Obama’s genuinely funny speech to the visiting NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

The entirety of the above video is good, but if you only want the best part, here’s your requisite mention of the Warriors:


Now, President Obama may have normalized the killing of scores of innocent people via drone strikes, and further swollen the already grossly distended executive branch’s powers so as to make acts of war essentially a matter under the sole discretion of the president and his advisors, right as he’s set to scoot out of the hot seat to make way for a nutter with no impulse control, all of which may make you think Hm, you know, shit has been fucked for like a really long time now, but hey, at least he’s not insane, he seems like a cool guy, and he’s good at making us all laugh with some solid basketball jokes. At least for this week, that makes him something like a fucking hero. Plus, his cool podium can move, too: