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Pretty Young Actress Spends Free Time Stopping Pucks With Her Face

Hockey parents and stage parents probably have a lot in common, what with the driving their kids all over the country in pursuit of the fleeting hope of money and stardom.

Luckily for Katelyn Pippy's parents, they can kill two birds with one daughter. If you've seen the Lifetime Original Series™ "Army Wives"—with this crowd, I'm guessing that's a no—then you may know Katelyn as the spunky (I'm guessing) army daughter, Emmalin. Or if you're a fan of Pittsburgh-area high school hockey, you may know her as the goalie from the Moon Area High School boys varsity team. I'm guessing she doesn't spend a lot of time talking about the Jonas Brothers on Twitter.

Although she plays hockey for Moon Area High School, she is a junior at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, located several miles north of her home. The school's flexibility allows Pippy to attend classes when she can, yet keep up with her school work while she's on set or at tournaments ....

This will be Pippy's second season on "Army Wives," but her first real attempt at juggling her acting and hockey careers simultaneously. Last year, taping on the show - which is shot on location in Charleston, S.C. - was delayed until later in the spring due to the writers' strike.

So this year, Pippy will fly from Pittsburgh to Charleston for taping during the week, then fly to either Chicago or Detroit for hockey tournaments on the weekends.


She also plays on a girl's traveling team and has been invited to the U.S. Olympic team's junior training camp and she was on an episode of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," so her life is already way cooler than yours. Oh, and her dad is a state senator who fought in Iraq (she is an actual Army kid) and she wants to go to Yale so she can study acting and play hockey at the same time. Maybe she'll be the first person to ever win an Emmy and the Vezina Trophy in the same year.

Man, there's nothing like an overachieving kid story to remind you how lazy you are.

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