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Prince Fielder's March Of Vengeance

Nine innings were not enough for the Brewers and Dodgers to settle their differences—even if the 13-run differential says otherwise—so Prince Fielder led his Crew through the bowels of Dodger Stadium on a hunt for Guillermo Mota's head.

Mota was ejected last night after plunking Fielder with one out left in the ninth inning of a 17-4 Dodger blowout. Fielder didn't take kindly to this provocation and was quite vocal about it on the field. However, he felt that he did not completely and accurately make his feelings known, so after the game was over, Prince attempted to storm the Dodger clubhouse. He got the door partially open before security and some of his teammates eventually corralled him and sent him back to his corner.


This is why we need more security cameras in baseball stadiums. Not to prevent crime, but so we can laugh at baseball players when they try to turn postgames into a scene from The Warriors. [UPDATE: And now there's video.] (LAist's detailed diagram is nice, but doesn't quite bring the scene to life.) The teams have one more game left in their season series, but the odds of Mota facing Fielder one more time are remote. So why don't they settle this like men? With a pie eating contest. (Obviously, Fielder's handicap will be enforced.)

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