Photo: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Grayson Murray, one of golf’s up-and-coming talents, has spent the past month pushing golfers to take a more active role in showing off their personalities online. On Wednesday, Murray shared a little too much of his.

In March, Murray suggested the sport’s players be more outgoing in public. He believed that golf’s decline in popularity could be slowed if more athletes on the tour “opened up on social media.”

Murray largely holds up his end of the bargain, posting his thoughts on golf, politics, and the like, and constantly interacting with fans.



When a presumed fan asked what seemed to be a rhetorical question as to why anyone would dislike Murray, the 23-year-old golfer responded by informing the girl, who had just posted prom photos earlier this week, that he hated “the fact you are in high school.”

Murray quickly deleted his tweet, leaving his fan hanging.


Update (April 27, 5:19 p.m.): Murray issued an apology for the tweet Thursday afternoon: