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Professor Irvin's Class Is In Session

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The Miami Herald points us in the direction of something that was new to us: The Michael Irvin Academic Resource Academy. Irvin recently dedicated the "learning center" in Ft. Lauderdale, and whatever our thoughts about Irvin, it's difficult to find much fault in the gesture. Its goal is to help "at-risk" children, point them in the right direction through education. Can't argue with that.

Though we will confess to being somewhat dubious about the name. First off, "Academic Resource Academy," uh, doesn't make any sense. (In fact, it's simultaneously redundant and nonsensical — a rare daily double.) Second — and the biggest problem, we think — why did Irvin insist on having his name in the title? We understand "Michael Irvin Playmaking School" or "Michael Irvin Academy For The Proper Disposal Of Narcotic Paraphernalia" or even "Michael Irvin's Hooked-On-Phonics Outlet Mall." But Michael Irvin involved in learning? Does he get free tuition? Because that might not be a bad idea.


Irvin Trying To Do "Right Thing" [Miami Herald]

(Update: We're told by Irvin's PR people — yep — that the Miami paper had the name wrong; it's Michael Irvin Academic Recreation Academy. Which makes a LITTLE more sense, we guess.

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