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Psst, Kid. How Would You Like To Skip Those Burpees?

The plot for the next Harry Potter movie has been leaked, and we've got it: All hell breaks loose at Hogwarts when new instructor Tamara Tootle is caught taking bribes from students to skip PE. No, wait ... that's real, actually.

A former Ernest Ward Middle School physical education teacher who solicited bribes from students will sit out of the education system for at least three years. Tamara B. Tootle, the second Ernest Ward teacher to be accused of charging her students $1 a day to skip P.E. class participation, pleaded no contest Wednesday to six felony counts of third-degree bribery.


We don't know about you, but a buck to sit out pointless calisthenics and a dodgeball in the crotch in the freezing cold would have been one sweet deal when we were in school, even considering inflation. The woman was providing a service, OK? It's worth a dollar a day just for the endless fun of saying her name.

It's the Florida Educational system's solemn vow: No Child Left Behind For Free.

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