Despite its wish not to jinx the Phillies by prematurely planning a World Series victory parade, the City of Philadelphia tipped its hand on Tuesday in the most unlikely of ways; by disrespecting the world's largest piƱata. It seems that Carnival Cruise Lines has spent months planning a huge event in downtown Philadelphia set for Sunday; in which an enormous, six-story piƱata was scheduled to be suspended above 20th and Market and then broken apart to shower the good citizens of Philly with more than 800 pounds of delicious candy (I see no way this can go wrong). But on Tuesday, Carnival sent out a news release revealing that the site of the piƱata demolition would be moved. The release, via Philly Edge:

Due to the exciting World Series run by the Philadelphia Phillies, the city has requested that the location for this event be changed. It will now be held in South Philadelphia, at South Broad Street and Washington Avenue, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The piƱata will be destroyed at approximately 1:30 p.m.

Obviously the city is looking ahead to a possible victory parade, and doesn't want the Phillie motorcade to butt up against piƱata pandemonium at this key downtown intersection. Also, releasing Joe Blanton amongst 800 pounds of candy cannot be considered a good idea. By the way, last Sunday Carnival Cruise unleashed a giant beach ball that horribly crushed delighted hundreds in downtown Dallas. I'm really looking forward to seeing the six-story sexual aid in San Francisco in December. (Possible) Phillies World Series Parade This Weekend Displaces Giant PiƱata Opening [Philly Edge]