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Purple Drank Popular Among Teenagers, Jim Marcus Russell, Says Stupid Website seems like the kind of website that moms are supposed to read. Really lame moms, based on the fact that it runs articles that are as hilariously pearl clutch-y as this one.

Be sure to take some time to peruse the full list of "24 Dangerous Teen Fads You Should Know About," but I'd like to draw your attention to number eight on the list: purple drank.


First of all, purple drank is not a "legal and lethal concoction." It is, in fact, super illegal, as the post itself points out when referencing the fact that Jim Marcus Russell was arrested for possession of purple drank. Second of all, holy shit this list is so incredibly stupid. It includes trunking (which is when teenagers get in a trunk, I guess), the ball-tapping game (self-explanatory), and smoking Smarties (that just sounds like fun).

Don't let your kids grow up to be like Jim Marcus Russell, lame moms.


h/t Matt

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