A little birdie β€” with a healthy appetite for sunflower seeds and large-breasted woman β€” just flew into my apartment and whispered to me that, apparently, ESPN has yanked all coverage of the Dana Jacobson story. How dare they!

What's surprising to Brooks β€” as well as myself β€” is just how much ESPN covered this damn "story" in the first place. In fact, scratch that, what's surprising to me is that ESPN even covered this at all! I mean, you're telling me that the Vodka Queen's escapades were actual lead stories on SportsCenter and ESPN Radio? Seriously? (I don't really follow the WWL up here in Canada, eh.) That is just mint. I love it!

Anyway, Bristol has begun directing ESPN-owned radio stations to stop mentioning Jacobson on-air and to remove Jacobson-related material from its websites. So, yeah, I better have a talk with Will.

(Note: +40 to Sports on a Schtick for the Golfweek-inspired picture.)


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