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Quarterback Throws The Ball Like A Wedding Bouquet, And Holy Crap It Works

Sometimes, it takes more than heart to upset the No. 1-ranked team in the conference. Sometimes, it takes a little madness.

The Tumwater (Wash.) Thunderbirds delved into the crazypants appendix of their playbook for this two-point conversion tied their game with Capital with three minutes left. Tumwater QB Jayden Croft turned away from the end zone to fake a handoff, but instead flung the ball backwards, over his head, putting it up for grabs about two yards into the end zone. It worked perfectly—the Capital defense was caught flat-footed for a half-second, long enough for 6'5" DT Jaimie Bryant (who's committed to UW) to bring it down.


It's a brilliant playcall because it worked. ("If you get it wrong, you're just a dumb coach," Tumwater's coach acknowledged.) But I can't imagine this was the highest-percentage play to run. When you've got Bryant, who appears four inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than anyone else on the field, there are probably better ways to use him than as a faith-based receiver on an unaimed rainmaker.

Tumwater would go on to win in double overtime.

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