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"Quite Frankly" Cares About Both Its Fans

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We don't mean to harp on any difficulties "Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith" might be having filling its studio audience (tickets are free, of course, if watching the show film for two hours could ever actually be called "free"), but, honest to Heavens, we received the following phone call and voice mail yesterday.

"Hi, this message is for Will. Hi, Will, this is Jackie calling from ESPN2's 'Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith.' Will, I'm calling you because the last time you attended our show, you indicated on your audience survey that the Chicago Bulls were your favorite basketball team. Well, we'd love to let you know that this Thursday, December 1, we're actually having Scottie Pippen on the show. It's a 6:30 taping with a suggested 5 p.m. arrival time. If you are interested and would like to book tickets, my number is (redacted). I look forward to hearing from you! Hope you're well!"


Say what you will about the show and its miniscule audience ... but they do try to stay in touch with their fans. Every last one of them.

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