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Well, "Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith" just turned two months old so we thought we'd check in and see how the much-hyped show was doing in the ratings.

Uh ... not so good.

"The power of marketing, mercifully, is not unlimited. Stephen A. Smith's Quite Frankly, which premiered in August with as much fanfare as ESPN could muster, came into a 6:30 p.m. ET time slot where a hodgepodge of stuff had averaged 0.3% of TV households. Not exactly big shoes to fill. And yet humble hodgepodges don't always get the credit they deserve: Smith's show is averaging 0.2%."

The sad part about this is that Smith's show continues to get good guests; this week's stars included Jim Brown, Rudi Johnson and Ozzie Smith. And it's still doing worse than billiards. It's almost as if, we dunno, viewers might have a problem, with, say, the host. Just a guess.


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