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Quite Frankly With Scott Van Pelt

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We never quite know what to do with Scott Van Pelt. He seems like an intelligent enough guy and is smart-alecky without being overly, soul-crushingly obnoxious about it. But, man, those catchphrases. The guy is positively Berman-esque, minus the "You're with me, leather." We'll admit to cringing when the Arnold references come out, though can't truly hate an ESPN anchor who has at least heard of Tenacious D.

Anyway, for proof that Van Pelt is actually funnier off-camera than on, we present a radio interview he gave to radio station 790: The Ticket, in which he brags about his ability to impersonate various ESPN anchors. His Stephen A. Smith is terrifyingly good; we bet Van Pelt impersonating Stephen A. for an hour would actually improve ratings.


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