Racewalking Has A Doping Scandal On Its Hands

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When Alex Schwazer of Italy won the 50k racewalk in Beijing four years ago, he shaved more than a minute off an Olympic-record time that had stood for 20 years. Schwazer was among the favorites to win the event again this year—the 50k race is scheduled for Saturday—but it appears he won't get that chance: Schwazer was kicked out of the Games yesterday for doping, and the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) today confirmed that he had tested positive for EPO. Yes, EPO—a doping agent that increases the body's production of red blood cells. Because racewalkers don't fuck around.


Here's the AP:

Schwazer [...] sobbed on Italian TV on Tuesday. He insisted he won his gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics without the use of drugs. He says he "wanted the gold again at all costs."

Schwazer says he learned how to use EPO via the Internet, and that the last three weeks after the doping test were "terrible" because he knew the results would be positive.

Win at all costs? Doping? Teary-eyed apologies in public for getting caught? Who says racewalking isn't a real sport?