Raiders Do Fairly Raiders Thing

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When the Oakland Raiders selected Clemson’s Clelin Ferrell with the fourth pick in the NFL Draft, the response from fans was mixed to say the least. Some were frustrated, like the man at the top of this post, while others were just flat out confused, like the fan in this clip that stopped to look around before reacting to what had just happened.

As Trey Wingo points out, Ferrell is quite a talented lineman. He was part of a fearsome defensive line that helped the Tigers win two national championships and wreaked havoc throughout the ACC over the past couple years. He was even the guy who made a great Death Row Records reference when he got the mic after Clemson won its latest title earlier this year.

But the problem isn’t with Ferrell himself. It’s just that there were plenty of other defensive options for the Raiders to choose from. Kentucky’s Josh Allen, who many had predicted would go to the Raiders, was still on the board; so were Ed Oliver and Devin White. Hell, one of the biggest signs that Oakland reached on its pick was that Ferrell was still at home when he got the call. Mike Mayock was supposed to represent an organizational shift for the team, but instead he decided to use his drafting debut with the Raiders to do the same old shit that team has done for the better part of this millennium.


The only bit of optimism that Raiders fans can try and hold onto throughout this first round is the fact that at least they’re not the Giants fans, who need to pray that Daniel Jones is the team’s quarterback of the future.