Raiders Fan “Dr. Death” Campaigns For New Stadium At Public Meeting

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The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority held a meeting today to discuss the economic feasibility of funding a new stadium that would keep the Raiders in Oakland for the foreseeable future. The meeting included time for concerned citizens to make public comments, and one Raiders superfan took full advantage of his opportunity.

That's the good doctor in the image above, which was snapped by the Oakland Tribune's Matthew Artz, waiting for his turn to speak. When his time came, Dr. Death spoke to the assembled board members for nearly four minutes. "Good afternoon. My name is Dr. Death," Dr. Death's impassioned speech began. "Behind this face paint and the knives on my head, I'm a 25-year-old college student that works part time at a restaurant." He had me at "knives on my head."

Dr. Death went on to list reasons why losing the Raiders would be detrimental to the city of Oakland before finishing with a flourish: "I will end it like this. If you have great people, and a great fanbase with great community leaders and a great team with a great leader, you tell them one thing: Just win, baby!"


You can listen to his full speech here.

And here's some more photos of Dr. Death in action:

And here's one from reader Sam, whose wife was at the meeting:


Oh, do you want video? Well, here's some video via Matthew Artz: