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Rajon Rondo's Stint As A Jewish Softball Player In Kentucky

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A weird tale landed in our inbox the other day from a reader named Mike who had the pleasure of playing softball against Rajon Rondo in a Louisville softball league. And guess what: Rondo apparently sucks at softball.

Plus, it appears this batch of Jewish Kentucky softballers has trouble with punctuation, unless there's a a continuation of the name on the back of the shirt, like, "The Runnin' Rabbi's Yarmulke" or something. Here's the story:

This is kind of old news, but I just now feeling like exerting the effort to share it. I play in a softball league in Louisville, KY; where I grew up, I actually went to High School with Rondo so this incident didn't have me as awestruck as it did everyone else. We played in a league at the local Jewish Community Center, so naturally our opponent that night was the Runnin' Rabbis. Right before the game started I noticed a dark Land Rover pull in with Massachusetts plates, and sure enough out hops Rajon Rondo.

He was having his camp in town that week, I figured maybe he had a friend playing in the game, although he doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would hand out with very many Jewish softball players, I would think they would run in different circles. Turns out he wasn't just there to watch, he threw on a Runnin' Rabbis jersey, and pulled out a Dicks Sporting Goods bag with a new glove and some shiny new cleats, which led me to believe that this was his first ever softball adventure. He proceeded to play and it became apparent that it was his first time, he swung and missed his first time up. I was the catcher, which essentially sums up how awful I am at softball, so I managed to ask him why they lost to the Lakers a couple of times right before his swing.

He grounded out a couple of times, and actually managed a weak single once, while making a couple routine catches in the outfield. His team won and during the post game handshakes my teammates made the usual amount of "Hey! I want a rematch on the basketball court!" jokes to him which I could tell really annoyed him. All in all he came across as kind of a dick. I attached a picture just because it is really funny seeing him in the shirt.



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