Rally Car Goes Speeding Off Course And Downs An Electrical Pole That Almost Killed A Spectator At The Rallye De France

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Petter Solberg is the driver of the car you are watching speed through french wine country. As the video begins, you can see parts of the car racing through the brush, exit onto the street for a moment and continue on to more flora before coming to a sudden stop thanks to a power line tower. The tower then slowly falls over and right around the nine second mark you can see a spectator walking underneath a tree that may have actually saved his or her life. The pole smashes into the limbs right as the spectator walks under it.

From video taken from another angle, you can also see the car's exit and reentry as well as the sparks of electricity as the power line crashes down.

Finally, there is the in-dash camera where we see Solberg and his co-driver Chris Patterson during the wild ride. They only seem mildly perturbed as Solberg mutters "fuck" before trying to get back on the course. The two were later reprimanded for trying to re-enter the stage even though as Solberg admitted, they had a broken steering arm.


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