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Rams' Lawyers Attempt to Do What Team Could Not

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It's two weeks after Losergate (or, if you will, Super Bowl XLII) and people are still making a hue and cry over cheating charges leveled at the now-humbled Patriots. The latest comes from former Rams player Willie Gary and two Rams season ticket holders, who are suing the Pats, seeking $100 million and a portion of Robert Kraft's stake in Russian petrodollars because the Pats taped the Rams walkthrough the day prior to Super Bowl XXXVI.

Thankfully, certain other, far more awesome, teams are taking their Patriots pwnage with a touch more dignity. This lawsuit, of course, is another bold stride toward the eventual state in which every pro sports championship will be like major elections, subject to cries of recalls, legal challenges and boring me to tears.

What might especially stick in the craw of Patriots fans is that these people are suing on behalf of them also.

The lawsuit requests class action status for three classes:

All Rams players, coaches, staff and employees of the 2002 Super Bowl team.

The 72,922 fans who attended the game.

All owners of St. Louis seat licenses in the 2001 and 2002 season.

That's right. Because all 72,922 people who attended that game were Rams fans, right? C'mon, St. Louis, we're enjoying having the moral high ground over Patriots fans. Don't screw this up for us.

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