Rams Legend Eric Dickerson Says Team Banned Him From Sidelines Over Criticism

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Eric Dickerson is one of the most iconic players in Los Angeles Rams franchise history. He set the single-season record for rushing yards (which still stands) in 1984 and led the NFL in rushing three times in his four full seasons with the team. Dickerson advocated for the Rams to move back to California, and since the move, he’s gotten involved and even hosted the team’s rookie symposium at his house.

However, as he said on his radio show this afternoon, a Rams employee in upper management told him that he was no longer allowed to hang out on the Rams sideline during games. Supposedly, his criticism of the team had been making players uncomfortable, a notion which Dickerson denied wholeheartedly by pointing that even if he’s criticized the team, he’s inherently pro-player because he played for the team (which doesn’t really make sense).

The Rams quickly scrambled to cover their asses. Executive VP of football operations Kevin Demoff said that Dickerson would always be welcome and he chalked it up to miscommunication.


Perhaps the Rams were actually doing Dickerson a favor, as a ground-level view of a Jeff Fisher-coached team does not sound particularly appealing.