Randy Moss was inducted into the Minnesota Vikingsā€™ ring of honor this week, and at a press conference on Wednesday he was asked what he would say to Dennis Green, who coached Moss in Minnesota and died last June, if he had the chance.

After fighting back tears, Moss said, ā€œI was six years old, playing this game. On draft day, I really donā€™t know why I was treated the way I was treated on draft day, but coach Green gave me an opportunity, man. And I told him, ā€˜Coach, youā€™re not gonna regret this.ā€™ So, you ask me what I would say to him, man Iā€™d probably just fall in his arms and give him a hug.ā€

Moss was picked with the 21st pick in the 1998 draft despite being one of the most talented players in the class. His draft stock was lowered due to teamsā€™ concerns about mysterious ā€œcharacter issues.ā€ Green took a chance on him and Moss went on to become one of the greatest receivers in NFL history. Clearly, Greenā€™s decision still means a lot to Moss.