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Randy Moss Talks About Freaking Out When He Met Deion Sanders

Back before the 1998 NFL Draft, Randy Moss says he was certain he was going to the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones apparently told him the team would pick him if he was still available. (The Cowboys didn't take Moss with the eighth pick, instead drafting linebacker Greg Ellis; Moss fell all the way to the Vikings due to concerns about whether or not he was a distraction.) Before the draft, though, Moss got to meet Deion Sanders, and man, was he excited.


Moss got to go to Sanders's house before the draft, hang out with his aunt, and play Pac-Man. About the prospect of meeting Prime Time, "you could've melted me and put me in a cup, boy," Moss said.

Randy Moss should share more anecdotes like these. (He has a few more if you search for them.)

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