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Randy Moss's Lesser-Rumored Options

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Assuming you don't believe MJD's theory that the Patriots already have a deal with Randy Moss and just want to see other teams twist in the wind, the rumors regarding Moss's next destination have been scattered and speculative. Randy Moss to Dallas. Randy Moss to the Giants. Randy Moss to the CFL, even*.


But why limit it just to football teams? SportsWrap did a bang-up job of splicing together some of Randy Moss's free agency options. The WNBA one might be the best one, which you've already concluded since I went through the trouble of rehosting and renaming it. Being a lacrosse player is another option, although evidently he'll have to paint his legs white.

What next, are Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper going to agree to sign as free agents for the same team? Why, that'll be a cold day in ... oh, this one's true. At least as far as rumors can be classified as "true."

* - I just made this one up, but let's see if it picks up any steam anywhere.

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