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Rangers, Blue Jays Baffled At The Sight Of Birds

We're used to seeing weird things happen on the baseball field. From idiots running onto the field for a selfie to the destruction of life via a Randy Johnson pitch, you would think nothing should surprise anyone.

At Saturday's Rangers-Blue Jays game, it looked like neither team knew how to deal with a couple birds.


Nobody does anything! Rangers first baseman J.P. Arencibia stands without any purpose, looking paralyzed with fear. We can only assume people not in the shot looked at each other and said, "Nah, you go bro." We're not advocating anybody harm the birds, but it's always fascinating to watch athletes at the height of their prowess forced helpless at the sight of pigeons.

Fortunately, Adrian Beltre tried to step up and rectify the situation with a universal bird chase tactic. By then, however, the birds had become the dominant species on the diamond.


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