Ravens Radio Guy Gerry Sandusky Would Like To Remind You (And Dick Ebersol) He's Not Jerry Sandusky

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Gerry Sandusky has been hearing from a lot of people in the last few days, mostly through Twitter and email. Some, he said in a phone conversation a few minutes ago, want to know if he's him, if he's that Jerry Sandusky. Others have expressed "super support and understanding" for the fact that his name—at least as it's pronounced—is the same as that other guy's. Still others—an estimate he put at two percent of those he's heard from since the scandal broke involving Jerry Sandusky—have come at him with lines like, "You're a pervert!" and "Stay away from my children!"

"People don't realize I'm not that guy," said Sandusky, who also serves as the sports director for WBAL-TV in Baltimore.

Since the weekend, Sandusky has greeted the entire matter with humor. Saturday night, he tweeted what he jokingly said "has to be setting a record for re-tweets." It said, "A great, big thank you to my late mom for choosing to spell my first name with a 'G'."


Sunday night, before the Ravens' game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh, Sandusky had a conversation with Dick Ebersol, the former chairman of NBC Sports. "After I introduced myself," Sandusky said, "he did a visible flinch. I think he thought I was kidding.

"I feel like I've stumbled across this parallel universe of people," he went on, "who have the same name as somebody's who's been accused of a heinous crime. Somewhere out there, I'm sure there's a Bernie Madoff who's a baker and who happens to be a great guy."