Ravens RB Terrance West Sues Hotel Where He Said He Was Robbed Twice In One Day

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Ravens running back Terrance West filed a lawsuit Wednesday against a Florida hotel group, claiming that negligence allowed two women and a man to rob him in his room at the Metropole South Beach Hotel in Miami.

According to the suit against South Beach Group Hotels, West was at Metropole South Beach with a friend on Feb. 27 when he met two women. The group talked and parted ways. Afterward, the women went to the front desk and asked an employee—who is also named as a defendant in the suit—for access to the NFL player’s suite. The employee made a copy of the room key, and with a bellman as an escort, the two women went into West’s room and stole two Rolex watches. After West discovered the theft, he filed a report with Miami Beach PD that night.

West said that an hour later, he heard a knock at his door. He thought it was police doing a followup on the investigation, but it was actually a man robbing him:

Mr. West opened the door and an unidentified man forced his way into the room and threatened Mr. West’s life and that of his friend.

Mr. West was under the belief that this man was armed with a firearm, because he saw a bulge on the assailant’s hip, under his shirt.

Furthermore, the man demanded all of the cash on Mr. West and his friend ($5000.00 USD in total), Christian Louboutin shoes, and other items stored in the suite.

The man threatened Mr. West by telling him, “If you don’t give me what I want, I have people in the car that will burn this whole place down.”

Fearing for his safety, Mr. West complied with the demands of the assailant.

West said that he tried to resolve the issue with the general manager of Metropole South Beach without litigation, but was ignored. He’s asking for $53,129 in damages from the hotel and employee.


We’ve asked Miami Beach PD for the police report, and asked the hotel for comment. We’ll update if we hear back. The full lawsuit is below:


Photo: AP